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For returns 

For shipping

...look down, don't look 'em in the eye!

If you notice an issue on the products or anything else on the order or you wish to return or exchange your order, please contact me with your order number and reason for return/ exchange.

If any prints turn up misprinted/damaged/defective (dear god forbid!) they must be returned within 14 days after the product has been received.

For packages that seem to have wondered off during transit, you must contact me no later than 14 days after the estimated delivery date for the UK and no later than 21 days if it is an international order.


Keep your money in your pocket. Claims that are an error on my end will be covered at my expense.

Wrong Address - If you provide an address that the courier says "no, no, that's not right", the shipment will be returned to the print facility. You may be liable for reshipment costs once I have confirmed an updated address with you (if and as applicable).

Unclaimed - Vanished into thin air? On the run? Gone into hiding in Mexico? Unclaimed packages are returned to the print facility and you are liable for the cost of a reshipment to yourself (if and as applicable).

Changes/cancellation - "Oh no! I screwed up!" Not to worry. If you accidently picked the wrong size prints during checkout (don't worry we've all been there) or ordered too many, please contact me asap so I can get that all sorted for you. If production has already started for your order or it's already been dispatched to you then I unfortunately won't be able to make those changes or cancel your order and you may be required to make any other purchase with the correct information if you still wish to pursue with your order.


If you change your mind - Made an impulsive buy at 2 o'clock in the morning with a bottle of tequila in your hand that you can't remember making? I feel your pain, but unfortunately I am unable to offer returns or exchanges for this reason. Only returns/exchanges are considered when a mistake has been made on my behalf.


Estimated delivery and costs

Unframed Prints

UK, E.U & U.S: 3 - 5 days 

Standard shipping cost: £3

Free Shipping if you sign up to my mailing list!

Framed prints
UK, E.U & U.S: 3 - 5 days
Standard shipping cost: £10


No one has to break their bank just because they live on the other side of the world. Shipping costs are the same in the U.K, E.U and U.S!

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