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Discounts for bulk orders!

Quantity                           % off

25 - 49:                                             10%

50 - 99:                                             12%

100 - 199:                                          13%

200 - 299:                                        15%

300 - 399:                                        17%

400 - 499:                                        18%

500+                                                  20%

For your store

Wow you must be cool if you are considering buying my prints to sell in your store. I feel like we are vibing here. Since we've already established what amazing human beings we both are, I am willing to give you a discount when you order in bulk. Take a look to your left to see what I can give you.

Already decided on how many you would like? Great! To make a bulk order simply send me an email, whatsapp or (if you are feeling really brave you can give me a call) with the product name(s), the quantity and all them usual info bits and I will put your order through with the discounts. I know,  it's effort but I am working on a way to get the discount to automatically be applied at checkout. 

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