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Cool Prints & Cool Frames

To add to your coolness 


The Prints

My prints are of museum quality with high-quality and vibrant results. Each print is giclee printed and has a matte finish which brings out the highlights and tones in the from the original artwork. They are some awesome looking prints (if I do say so myself) and add coolness to any room. 

What the hell is giclee printing?!

Giclee printing means rather than using dye, they use pigment inks which are "sprayed" onto archival paper. This achieves highly accurate vivid colours which looks great no matter what it is printed on. Giclee prints are known for high quality and longevity. 

Paper weight: 200gsm


The framed versions of my prints are all handmade by Guild recognised framers. They are made from high-quality wood, milled with clean lines and finished with a satin finish.


To purchase a framed print is to purchase a classy looking piece of art. A string for hanging is already attached to the frame already so you hang them straight onto your wall as soon as you get them, or you know, you can just leave them on the floor leaned against a wall so they appear edgy as fuck.


Size:                           8 x 12" (20 x 30.5cm)

Depth from wall:    22mm

Face width:              20mm

Rebate width:           5mm

Rebate depth:         17mm

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