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Eyyup me duck

Welcome to Chiara Denisa, the place where my artwork can find a home. Oil pastels are my medium, humans are my muse. I make art that speaks to the emotional complexities of the human experience. My pieces are a reflection of my personal journey and I strive to create pieces that will help others on theirs.

Through my prints, I hope to bring peace, and comfort to all who view them. Every piece is made with heart and soul and I hope you get something from it.

Besides art (and sleeping in hammocks) I have a love for all things psychology and philosophy related. I spend my free time learning bass (very badly) and falling off a skateboard with dignity and class. Hit me up if you also partake in these.

My Story

Not too long ago, this was my routine: wake up, go to work, come home, and fall asleep, too exhausted to do anything else. Talk about a mind-numbing existence, right?

I craved change. At 25, I was still living with my parents due to the sky-high rent prices. I had a month off work to embark on some budget-friendly travels but COVID had other plans (thanks, COVID). So, with a sudden change of plans and a six-hour train journey, I found myself in Scotland, eager to explore the northern regions of the UK. I wanted to discover more affordable areas where I could envision a future of self-sufficiency. But it was while sitting on a train platform in Liverpool that things started to shift. The sight of the yellow Merseyrail train against the backdrop of the sea triggered memories of my time in Lima—yellow taxis and lampposts adorning the coastline. Suddenly, I realized how strongly I yearned to leave England. So why the hell was I searching for a place here?

After that brief moment of soul-searching, I returned to work, still without a clear direction but certain about what I didn't want. I despised the monotony of the 9-5 grind, loathed working for someone else, and detested being confined to a single location. That's when I stumbled upon art. Well, I say "stumbled upon," but the truth is, it had always been there—I just hadn't fully acknowledged it. I had dabbled in art on and off, finding myself drawn to art galleries whenever I travelled, yet it never held a prominent place in my mind. Some people had suggested I pursue it professionally, and though I initially brushed off the idea, I eventually thought, "Screw it, let's give it a shot!" And so, an idea was born.

The more I delved into this artistic path, the more it felt like the right fit. I would be my own boss, free to work anywhere in the world, unrestricted by location or rigid schedules. Complete freedom, control, and flexibility to explore life while engaging in something I genuinely enjoyed.

And here I am, now living in the North of England but soon to be nomadic. In the meantime, I'm reveling in the joy of being in my own cozy space—drawing and creating to my heart's content, surrounded by blaring music and soothing incense. I have the liberty to choose when and where I work, with no one watching over my shoulder. Finally, I have a clear direction for my life, and it feels so incredibly right. Something that had always lingered in the background, quietly waiting, has now taken center stage. All I had to do was pull back the curtains and see it for myself.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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