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Image of a green eye shedding tears, depicting emotional expression and vulnerability.


Now for the serious stuff

As a passionate admirer of both art and poetry, I seamlessly merge the two to forge my unique creations. Through writing, I navigate my own emotions, releasing the thoughts that dwell within my mind. Every word inscribed in my artwork is a product of my own creation, a testament to my individual expression.


When poetry and art converge, they form a powerful interdependence, where words intertwine with visuals, expanding the emotional and sensory experience. To me, words add power to the image, they add a kind of strength to it. When I create a visual in my head I always instinctively want to add words to it, I guess to add even further expression of what I am trying to say. It makes the message clear, heard, seen and powerful. My artistic medium provides a canvas for poetry to come alive, adding depth, symbolism, and visual interpretation to the written word. Likewise, my poetry infuses the art with lyrical narratives, introspection, and intricate layers of meaning. This artistic marriage invites viewers and readers to engage on multiple levels, evoking emotions, sparking imagination, and encouraging contemplation. The amalgamation of poetry and art transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of the human experience and opening doors to boundless creativity and interpretation.


Each piece of art I create holds a personal story behind itTo learn more about what drove me to create that particular piece, please look through my portfolio for the descriptions for each piece.

With the creative process, sometimes I start with the image and find the words to fit. And sometimes the words are already found and I seek the image to fit. I begin with sketching up the drawing onto the page then working with oil pastel, smoothing and blending to create the image I desire; mostly of people, a person or body parts. I then write the words to fit. To see the creative process of my work, please follow instagram page linked below at the bottom of the page.

To learn about why I even make art in the first place, please watch the video on my homepage.

Where to go from here? 

I have tons of ideas for future pieces. Some, well majority, will be a lot darker than what I have previously created. Delving deeper into the human psyche and the emotions that drive us. To keep tabs on what's in the works next sign up to my mailing list. 

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